Why go to a Periodontist for Dental Implants?

reno periodontist for dental implantsAs a periodontist, Dr. Ferrari is a specialist in dental implant surgery. Many local dentists refer their implant patients to Dr. Ferrari for implant surgery because of his expertise and ability to handle even complex cases. He has placed thousands of implants and has very high success rates. He also knows how to make patients’ treatment comfortable and efficient. To ensure the highest standard of care, Dr. Ferrari uses the latest technology, including 3D imaging and planning and high-quality implants that are designed to rapidly integrate into the jawbone and speed healing.

The Advantages of Going to a Periodontist for Dental Implants

Extensive Training on Implant Planning and Placement

Periodontists receive three years additional training after their dental degree that is focused on gum and implant treatment. In practice, they perform surgery on a regular basis. They are experts at evaluating the condition of surrounding gum and bone tissue and can do any procedure needed that is connected to placing implants. They can also evaluate whether an implant is really needed for a troubled tooth. Dr. Ferrari is a strong believer in saving teeth where he can, and he can determine whether a tooth should be replaced with an implant or saved. 

Can Successfully Treat Complex Cases and Avoid Complications

Why go to a Periodontist?

Dr. Ferrari uses state-of-the-art 3D implant planning software.

Every case is different and requires careful study and planning. Periodontists have many years of experience with all kinds of implant cases. Dr. Ferrari uses a state-of-the-art 3D system to capture 3D, 360º images to thoroughly review teeth, jaw, nerves, volume of bone, position of the sinuses and other factors that could influence the implant surgery. He pre-plans the surgery so that on the day of surgery it goes forward efficiently and without complications.

A Periodontist Can Help Most Patients Receive Implants

A periodontist using 3D technology such as Dr. Ferrari uses, can help most patients receive dental implants. Dr. Ferrari can view in 3D in great detail the patient’s mouth and plan treatment accordingly. He has the expertise to do anything that is needed to prepare the patient for the implants, including expert bone grafting.

High Success Rates and Reduced Risk of Implant Failure

While modern implants generally have great success, there is always the possibility of failure. This generally occurs because of poor initial placement or poor preparation of the implant placement site, and comes about as a result of insufficient training and experience in implant surgery. Periodontists have the training and experience to do surgery that will be successful, and to avoid problems that could make an implant fail. Using 3D software and his extensive experience, Dr. Ferrari can detect or predict issues and plan to avoid them. He can also efficiently handle anything that comes up during surgery.

Efficient Treatment and Faster Healing

With greater knowledge and experience comes greater speed and efficiency. Efficient implant placement is important as not only does it provide a more comfortable experience, it also means that the bone and gum tissue have less exposure and less trauma. In addition, Dr. Ferrari uses the 3D system to pre-plan the surgery and avoid exploratory cutting open of the gum or bone. This means he can directly, and relatively quickly, place the implant and further lessen any trauma to the surrounding tissues.