Patient Testimonials

dental patient testimonial

“I cannot say enough to express how happy I am to have chosen Dr. Ferrari’s office for my implant procedure. Being in the dental field myself, I really appreciate the exceptional treatment I have received from Dr. Ferrari and his staff. The scheduling process was very easy, and Gerry was able to get me in quickly for all of my appointments. 

“The implant procedure was quick, painless and much easier than I anticipated it would be. My post-op care was simple, and I did not have any problems afterward. 
“From start to finish, it was a terrific experience!

“I will return to Dr. Ferrari for all of my periodontal treatment and continue to recommend this office to my friends and family as well as to my patients.”

— Leah

dental patient testimonial

“My dentist told me I had full-mouth gum disease, and he referred me to Dr. Ferrari.

“Dr. Ferrari was able to see me right away, and he recommended pocket reduction surgery of the entire mouth. Dr. Ferrari was so gentle and professional. He was honest and caring and educated me on dental hygiene.

“And the staff was very knowledgeable and professional, flexible and nice. It is an extremely clean and welcoming environment. 

“Although my family dentist had told me that a very small percentage of people with periodontal disease retain all of their teeth, Dr. Ferrari saved all my teeth. I have a beautiful smile to this day, and I would recommend his office and staff to anyone.”

— Dana 

dental patient testimonial

“I came to Dr. Ferrari for my gum issues. He talked to me about the treatment, and how long it would take to correct the issues. The results were wonderful; he truly cares, and he is kind and very professional. His office is very pleasant, and his staff are very competent.

“Dr. Ferrari has a great chairside manner, no pain and amazing results! What else could you ask for? I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an excellent periodontist.”

— James

dental patient testimonial

“The treatment was quick and my gums healed very fast. I loved the care I received. The doctors and staff were very attentive and made sure that I couldn’t feel any pain. They also made sure that I was comfortable with the procedure and that I understood it step by step. 

“I could have lost my bottom front teeth, but Dr. Ferrari, along with his staff, kept that from happening. I now have a beautiful smile, and I’m confident that the treatment I received has helped save my teeth for many years to come. Thank you, Dr. Ferrari and staff! I’m very pleased with my results.”

— Roshanna

dental patient testimonial

“I did not have any teeth when I was referred to Dr. Ferrari.

“I was completely and pleasantly surprised by Dr. Ferrari, his staff and the procedure. It was fun, and I had no pain. They make you feel like you’re at home. Dr. Ferrari is such a fun guy!

“It’s nice to eat food again as opposed to soup. Now I can even eat steak again!”

— Richard

dental patient testimonial

“I was experiencing pain in my lower left jaw. After visiting my family dentist, I was referred to Dr. Ferrari. He discovered a rear molar where the roots had fractured. He extracted the tooth, and kept me on antibiotics, as I still had an infection. Dr. Ferrari and his staff kept me in constant contact after the procedure to ensure that we stayed out in front of my pain, as well as the infection. In 16 years, I have never experienced this type of personal, hands-on care and concern from any other medical professional.

“To further my point, this type of level of care starts when you walk through his office door and are greeted by his wonderful staff. Kind and always courteous is a constant level of care. Everything is carefully explained and detailed as to treatment and expected outcome. Once again, the level of follow through after treatment is beyond reproach. To anyone needing periodontal treatment, I with all of my heart would suggest engaging the care of Dr. Ferrari and his staff.”

— Rick

dental patient testimonial

“Dr. Ferrari was friendly and personable and made me feel at ease with his sense of humor. Although my dentist had referred me to him to repair a small area, Dr. Ferrari examined my gums and suggested I might want to do my whole mouth. He also recommended his preferred method of AlloDerm gum grafting. When I asked him about using my own tissue, and doing less, he was very accommodating. He did not pressure and told me he would perform the procedure any way I wanted. So, I went home to think about it and decided to do my whole mouth with AlloDerm, as he had recommended.

“He did half of my mouth at a time, and each procedure went smoothly, with very little pain afterward.

“The staff were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They gave me an accurate quote for total or partial work and we’re always happy to take my calls with questions after surgery.

“My dental technician saw the work done and was surprised that I had done my whole mouth. She said my gums looked “awesome” and was very pleased.”

— Phyllis

dental patient testimonial

“The ease of making appointments was second to none. Gerry accommodated my schedule several times. I travel an enormous amount of time for my job. I wasn’t always able to keep my original appointment, so Gerry made changes that worked for me. When Dr. Ferrari did his initial assessment, he spelled out the procedure, the results, the time involved and the costs. I was never pressured to choose one over the other. He wanted me to choose what would work for me. My self-confidence has soared. My smile is back, and my wife tells me all the time it’s nice to have her groom of 28 years feeling so good about himself.”

— Harvey

dental patient testimonial

“Dr. Ferrari was very knowledgeable with the procedure and made it to where there were no surprises. I was very happy with the speed of recovery and would recommend it to anyone with the same problems.”

— Cameron

“I like the one on one attention I received at Dr. Ferrari’s practice. At other practices, the doctors have been interrupted during procedures leaving me alone with my mouth open.

“Dr. Ferrari prescribed medication before and after procedures to minimize pain. Dr. Ferrari’s practice is located in a great location. The building is modern, well-kept and clean. The equipment is all modern and up-to-date. The staff (Gerry and Jocelyn) are professional and courteous, with a wonderful bedside manner. I like the way Gerry handles all the insurance claims and is upfront with me about all of my out-of-pocket responsibilities.

“I’m very apprehensive about going to dentist for any procedures, yet Dr. Ferrari and his staff make it as easy and comfortable as it could possibly be. I’m very happy with the outcome and procedures that have been performed on me.”

— Raymond