Gum Recession Treatment in Reno, NV

gum recession treatment in reno nv

Dr. Ferrari educating a patient on gum recession treatment.

Effective and Minimally Invasive Treatment to Rejuvenate Your Smile

Gum recession leaves teeth exposed to damage and decay and can cause significant root sensitivity. It can also detract from your smile. While many people think that nothing can be done about the gums once recession has begun, that is not the case. Gum recession can be treated safely and effectively, restoring root coverage and enhancing your smile.

Dr. Ferrari uses gentle, minimally invasive techniques to restore root coverage that require no incisions. He is one of the only periodontists in Nevada to use these techniques. Due to his expertise in gum recession treatment, Dr. Ferrari gets excellent, lasting results. 

gum recession exam

Gum recession treatment starts with a thorough exam and diagnosis.

gum recession treatment plan

Photos of the patient’s teeth and gums assist in treatment planning.

treatment of gum recession

Treatment results in both better protection for the teeth and a more aesthetic smile.

Our Gum Recession Treatment Procedures

Dr. Ferrari uses two different procedures to address gum recession. Both are minimally invasive and very effective. Using either method, Dr. Ferrari can treat a mouth of receding gums in only one to two non-traumatic appointments.

Minimally Invasive Tunneling Technique

One option for gum recession treatment is to graft new gum tissue onto the exposed roots. Most periodontists obtain the graft tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth, which takes about two weeks to heal and requires pain medication. Dr. Ferrari is the only periodontist in northern Nevada who doesn’t take tissue from the roof of the mouth. Instead, he uses AlloDerm® grafting material, which is derived from donated human skin tissue. Studies have shown that using AlloDerm is just as effective as using a person’s own tissue.

Dr. Ferrari uses the tunneling technique of gum grafting to further reduce surgery and trauma. Using microsurgical instruments, Dr. Ferrari tunnels under the gum tissue to create space for the graft. This requires no incisions. He then inserts the new tissue, which allows him to move the gum over the exposed roots. He applies a special growth protein to speed healing and help regenerate gum tissue. 

 If you are in need of a full mouth tissue graft, this can be done in two visits instead of several surgeries requiring painful tissue harvesting.

gum recession before
gum recession after

This patient received minimally invasive gum grafting around a single tooth.

Case Study

A patient came to us that needed full-mouth gum recession treatment. He had been told that he needed to do 13 surgeries over a 2 year period, and it was going to cost him $25,000. Each surgery would require taking tissue from the root of the mouth. Instead, we were able to treat his entire gum recession in two appointments of about two-and-a-half hours each, without cutting into the roof of the mouth. And for considerably less cost. 

Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique—Quick and Easy Procedure with Immediate Results

Chao Pinhole Surgical TechniqueThe breakthrough Pinhole Surgical Technique is a quick, effective procedure that can cover exposed tooth roots without the need for gum grafting. The technique was introduced by Dr. John Chao of California in 2012.

Dr. Ferrari is one of only a few hundred dentists worldwide, and the only periodontist in Reno, able to deliver this procedure. This minimally invasive technique gives you immediate results and healing time is very quick. The Pinhole procedure has a proven success rate comparable to traditional methods of gum recession treatment.

If you have receding gums, Dr. Ferrari can evaluate which procedure will work best for your case.