Dental Implant Options to Replace Teeth in Reno, NV

Dental Implant Options

Dr. Ferrari provides a comprehensive evaluation and consultation to help patients choose the best teeth replacement option for them.

Using dental implants and implant-supported dentures & bridges, Dr. Ferrari can replace one, several or all your teeth

Dental implants can be used to replace one, several or even all teeth that are broken-down or missing. He partners with skilled general and cosmetic dentists who create and place the new teeth that attach to the implant(s). Dr. Ferrari consults with patients to help them choose the best treatment option for them and creates a comprehensive treatment plan for their teeth replacement. 

Single missing teeth

Dental Implant Options reno

Dr. Ferrari can replace a single tooth using an implant.

Dr. Ferrari uses dental implants to replace single teeth. Dental Implants are considered the modern gold standard for teeth replacement due to their similarity to a natural tooth root and their minimal impact on dental health.

Previously most people got dental bridges to replace one to a few missing teeth. Dr. Ferrari generally doesn’t advise using dental bridges as a bridge requires the cutting down and capping of adjacent teeth to support it.

When you have several missing teeth

reno Dental Implant Options

An implant-supported bridge can be used to replace multiple adjacent teeth.

An implant can be placed for single missing tooth, but what about when several teeth in a row need replacing? Dr. Ferrari can use single implants with crowns to replace each tooth, or he can use an implant-supported bridge. With an implant-supported bridge the implants support several teeth so less implant surgery is needed and it is more economical. Implant-supported bridges also offer greater stability, increased chewing power, and reduced risk of jawbone loss compared to traditional dental bridges.

Replacing a full arch of teeth

Woman smilingTraditional dentures used to be the only solution to replacing a full arch of teeth, but they have drawbacks. In recent years, thanks to breakthroughs in technology, dental implants have become a viable option for many people. Replacing all your teeth with implants used to be a very expensive, lengthy and highly surgical procedure. Dr. Ferrari uses 3D technology and special implants to provide efficient, minimally invasive treatment at an affordable cost.

The result: you can have attractive permanent new teeth that look and feel like real teeth and that can last you a lifetime.

The problem with dentures

Dentures often slip or move when you talk or eat certain foods. This can make them look and feel unnatural. The movement of your dentures can also cause sores and irritation to the underlying gums. Having missing teeth can also put you at risk of losing bone density in the jaw area. The facial muscles may then begin to sag, which can make you look older. If the bone loss progresses, it can become impossible to wear dentures because there will no longer be enough bone density or volume to support them.

Dental Implant Options in reno nevada
options for dental implants

A fixed-in implant-supported denture provides a high level of chewing power.

Implant-supported dentures

Dental implants can be used to support dentures. Dr. Ferrari provides either permanently fixed-in dentures using implants, or dentures that can snap-in and out of implants.

He generally recommends the fixed-in option as you now have teeth that are just about equal in functionality to your natural teeth. He uses five to six dental implants in an arch to attach high-grade acrylic or zirconia denture teeth. Unlike actual dentures, fixed-in implant-supported dentures don’t have tall sides or false palates.

Stabilization of Existing Dentures Using Dental Implants

If you already wear dentures, Dr. Ferrari can stabilize them by retrofitting your dentures to snap onto implants placed in your jaw. This will increase your chewing power, make your dentures feel more comfortable and they will look more natural as they will no longer shift position.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Implants  prevent your dentures from shifting when you eat or talk. The stability of implant-supported dentures increases chewing power, which helps to maintain bone density and volume in your jaw. Implant-supported dentures also help prevent your adjacent teeth from shifting around as they tend to do when teeth are missing.